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This Australian sourced product is best known in Sardinia as a delicacy to be grated over a seafood pasta or on Pizza.  It can be served thinly sliced drizzled in olive oil or lemon juice as an appetizer and balanced with an Australian fruity ale...
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Hot smoked Rainbow Trout. Comes Cryovaced with minimum 2 week shelf life. Once opened consume with 3-4 days. 300-350gms in weight. $16.80 per fish..
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Spanner Crab - Fresh Cooked 150g
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Spanner crab is truly delicious. It has a unique flavor – sweet and with a firm flesh – and is so versatile it should be a staple in every kitchen. Fraser Isle Spanner Crab is perfect in an omelet, or with an Asian style broth, in homemade sushi or stirred through pasta along with chili and garlic. ..
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Yarra Valley Caviar Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon...
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